Sunday, July 18, 2010

When looks matter

Looks have always been one of its plus points. So much so, that if the laptop box has cow spots on it, you know there is a Gateway inside. This cult American company might now be part of an Asian success story called Acer, but that doesn’t mean it has let go its style.
One look at a Gateway laptop and you know there is a conscious effort to be different. For instance, the chrome feel, the distinct metallic look, all try and give the NV 49 an edge, at least when it comes to appearance. But looks can be deceiving, well, not always in a negative sense. For inside the all the chrome-induced brawn is a computer that works its heart out, a computer which know that just looks won’t get it anywhere in today’s world. 
To realise this all you have to do is work on the NV49 for a few minutes. The new Intel Core i3-350M processor along with the 3 GB DDR3 system memory try their best to rise up to all your expectations. The 14.0" HD 1366 x 768 pixel resolution LCD is also up to the task, thanks to Intel HD Graphics9 software. Though this is another laptop where the speakers are not what they should be – it’s time everyone made Mac the standard for sound – you will definitely enjoy watching movies on the cinematic 16:9 view.
But where this Gateway laptop scores over many of its competitors is with its proprietary Social Networks software. For those of you who have used the Flock browser, the interface will be familiar, for others this is a one-stop-shop for all you social networking needs. The application puts all your connections like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube in a messenger-like interface, letting you be a step ahead of your contacts, always.
The Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit too does its bit to ensure a good user experience. For a change the keyboards are not plasticky and hence have a good feel about them. Another nice touch is the multi-gesture touchpad which has been amalgamated into the metallic wrist-rest. There is an HDMI port as well as three USB ports for you connection needs and 320 GB HDD memory. To put it straight, the Gateway NV presents you another affordable option if you are looking for a dependable laptop.
But why has Acer bought in competition for itself? Acer India’s Chief Marketing Officer S Rajendran believes Gateway differentiates itself with its “uniquely styled products, equipped with state of the art technology”. He says all Acer wants to do is give Indian consumers access to high-quality technology-rich American products. But whether the Indian consumer accepts this American sweetheart only time will tell.
The Gateway NV49 is priced Rs 37,799.


  1. Hi, thanks for your review. But how is Gateway's reputation for overall reliability? I was thinking of getting this but there weren't a lot of up-to-date user feedback. Most are are quite dated (say 2005-2008) where Gateway was solid initially, and then went into a bad patch. How is the reliability now? Thanks.

  2. Acer is a decent company so that should rub off on Gateway too. Seemed like a decent rig to use, but I can't say for the long term.