Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kites Review (Tweets from the hall)

My kites review (or running commentary), in tweets

Hoping kites is not just patangbaazi... Verdict in 3 hours
#kites The roof is closed, don't know how they are going to show the movie
#kites vegas has a great beach and reef
#kites and everyone speaks hindi in vegas. Kabir bedi is the goonda raj of the city... This is crossover, bullshit
#kites vegas main barish hota rahta hai:..and we thot vegas in the middle of a dessert
#kites kabir bedis son is a psycho, he just killed a poor station master...
#kites now, bedi jr hits a tourist. The us police work him by the way... Simple
Us freeways are hell with hrithik around #kites
#kites and they actaullay waited for the wedding to get over for u know what
#kites american pistols have great range... J ka viru mar gaya
#kites j shot, the girl behind is crying... Think she is hrithik's sis or roshan's financier
#kites thank god i had mexican for lunch, anything else and i wouldnt have been able to stomach this
#kites censors watching so villain 'says shut the hell up'
#kites mori killed herself by jumping of vegas beach into sea. Film over. Muchos gracias
#kites. Where is the refund counter?
#kites j too jumps in. And they live happily ever after, under water. Now its actually over.
#kites my revenge, watching shrek in 3d to get over the crossover hangover
This is the official launch of the Don't let the Kites fly campaign
#fakingnews #Kites becomes first Indian movie to win Razzies

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