Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acoustics on the go

Bluetooth is one feature on our phones that we tend to underuse, and a regular hands-free unit cannot do full justice to its potential. So, I was awestruck by the clarity of sound the Logitech

Pure-Fi Mobile could spew out from its four tiny speakers, feeding on my Walkman phone a few feet away, all via Bluetooth.

It would be insulting to call the Pure-Fi Mobile a set of speakers for you mobile phone, laptop or iPod, it is far more than that. My Goliath like music system was put to shame by this little David—it will easily fit into your laptop bag—who packs a punch much more than acoustic music.

Being a blue tooth-enabled device, once synced with your mobile phone, it can turn into a full-size speaker phone with dedicated buttons for accepting, ending and muting calls. The built-in mic ensures there is no voice drop even when you are a few feet away from it, and moving. Logitech claims the speakers can play music from your with a 10-meter radius, but I did encounter some disturbance after about three feet—could have been interference from electronic/electric fields. But when it is in full sync it is impossible to realise that the music is being transmitted wirelessly. It can also connect to your laptop through Bluetooth or USB and to you iPod using a 3.5 mm jack provided in the box.

However, Logitech has not yet mastered the art of pricing for India and the Pure-Fi Mobile is priced at a steep Rs 10,995, making it almost as costly as a decent mobile. Still a great buy if you are hooked on to music, even on the go.

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